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Tips on parenting a teenager

The tips on parenting a teenager child are becoming more and more crucial. Teen years are the foundations for understanding the world around them.

The habits formed during these years will be stepping stones, and future success will decide upon them. 

During the teen years, multiple changes occur in the body, including physical, emotional and hormonal changes. And, therefore, need special care and attention from their loved ones. These are crucial years forming attitude towards life and good habits.


Your teenager must know that you care. While they may not be too expressive, you must take the first step and strike a conversation. Discuss possibly all the topics including sex education which they should be aware of. 

Be with positive people

Ensure that they are surrounded by people with a positive attitude towards life. You should guide them to differentiate between positive and negative persons. You should meet friends of your teen regularly. 

Allow them to express 

Listening is a great virtue.  Before deciding to guide your teens, give them a chance to express their views and opinions too. It will help to understand what’s in their mind, and you will be able to rephrase your sentences.

Encourage self-care 

You should practice self-care. Imbibe healthy habits. Guide your child to prioritize their health and mental wellness above everything else. Make them understand the true meaning of “health is wealth” with examples.

Respect boundaries

Teen years are the most turbulent, which is why you should give your teens the space they need and deserve. Respect their privacy. Guide them about the appropriate use of social media.

Set good examples

As a parent, you must be a good role model for your teen. They must look up to you. If you have a negative approach toward life, your child will develop the same attitude. Kids and teens learn most from their experiences. You must ensure that as a family, you all enjoy amazing experiences and create good memories to cherish.

Introduce them to success stories

If ever your teen feels down or experiences failure, introduce them to stories of people who had to overcome several challenges to reach the heights of success. The importance of perseverance is to be told with good books. Try to develop a healthy habit of reading good books. Spare time and spend to find books of their liking and interest. 

Motivate and teach them kindness

Always be supportive of your teen’s wishes. Be your children’s cheerleader and support them to achieve everything they wish for. 

Ensure that you raise your child as a kind and compassionate human being. Ensure teens respect elders and friends, irrespective of gender. 

Teach your teens about the importance of finances

You should be open about finances. Discuss with your teens and involve them in financial planning. You can read more about tips to teach teens about stages of wealth.


These days, technology plays a major role in our life. Teens are bombarded with online information and unrealistic expectations. There are cyberbullies and sexual predators in the online world who pose a risk for your teens. You must ensure and educate your teens so that they are not harassed online in any way. 

You must set rules for teens regarding smartphones and monitor their online activity. Likewise, you don’t need to read each message from their phone, however, make sure they are making healthy choices. Teens must be taught about managing their online reputation.

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