Well-being and Finance are related?

Well-being is not just the absence of any disease or illness. It is a complex combination of your physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Well-being is intensely linked to happiness and satisfaction in life. In short, well-being could be described as how you feel about yourself and your life.

Your well-being and finance are closely interconnected. You wanted to become rich since childhood to be happy in life. Therefore, probably you wanted to get a graduate and postgraduate degree in a stream which would fetch a high salary. 

It was too early for you to understand the relationship between a college degree and earning. Moreover, no one could have thought about the inter-relationship between happiness, well-being and finance.


Being happy is a mystery and the subject of much discussion and research. How could a person earning a few thousand bucks a month be happier than the one who is earning far more? Therefore, understanding the relationship between well-being and finance is inevitable.

Managing personal finances

Earning in itself is not a guarantee of well-being. The true meaning of financial well-being is that you must manage your finances properly. Having an emergency fund, decent investment and a good stream of cash flow will give you peace of mind. 

No amount of emphasis will be enough to mention that you must save for rainy days. Time will definitely change, and you must be ready to face the music. Life will give surprises. You should be ready to take on unpredictable challenges in life. 


Healthy habits are the lifeblood of our well-being. Life is too precious to be wasted in bad habits and the company of useless people. Therefore, you may like to develop a habit of reading good books and learning from the experience of other great personalities.

You must have heard a lot about work-life balance. And, equally important is the balance between well-being and finance. 

Your well-being has many aspects like your physical and mental health, your good habits and a healthy morning routine. You must nurture a hobby which may keep you engaged and happy. Overworking is dangerous for health, it will take you nowhere.

As well-being and finance are related, so are the financial well-being and your health.

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